This, son, is freedom…

Two loaded down 18-speed Trek touring bicycles from 1983 Honeymoon


(photo: A very non-traditional honeymoon, one year ‘late’ and as far away from normal and traditional as you can get)

Dear son, we’ve talked about all too common approval addiction in society and how the parental focus for us has been on you finding your worth in what you have accomplished, not in what someone else is pleased with.

It is in our self awareness that the approval from others is no longer necessary, nor even desired.

This, son, is freedom.

And joy.

Happiest of days.

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We All Have Addictions

Are We Trained For Them?
Are We Trained For Them?

We all have addictions.

“No we don’t”, is the echo we can hear from some of you.

“Yes we do”, is the echo we can hear from some others, including myself.

Is it hereditary?  Click here to read this article that suggests it is.

Pick your poison:

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