Antagonist jeff noel For Hire

Hey, if you follow Mid Life Celebration’s 5 daily blogs, you know that this one, jeff noel dot com, is about HQ, headquarters – being organized. The paperwork of life.

The stuff that doesn’t fall neatly into the other 4 daily blogs that focus on (1) Mental, (2) Physical, (3) Spiritual , (4) Financial responsibility.

Our antagonist is our friend. A partner. Only our antagonist challenges our beliefs and forces us to truly decide on our convictions.

And jeff noel, professional antagonist is available for hire.

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Invest In An MBA?

We stop learning because, well, we stop trying to learn. Getting an MBA sounds like a good idea – on paper. ┬áBut for what? A promise that it will catapult your career?┬áSeriously? Look around at people with MBA’s.

Always the (professional) antagonist, my MBA comes with only one promise. You pass or you fail, and no fancy piece of paper suitable for framing.

You get, or not, a profitable, entrepreneurial business. This is hard.

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