Lee Cockerell Creating Magic

Lee Cockerell wrote Creating Magic last year.  Lee spent a lifetime studying leadership and perfecting leadership.  He was also the Executive Vice President of Walt Disney World Operations.  Lee Cockerell knows leadership.  His book is brilliant.  But you probably won’t find it in an airport bookstore though.  I’ve been searching airport bookstores the world over.  Try Amazon, or go directly to Lee’s site.

How Cold Is It?

Freezing Cold
Freezing Cold

Weather.com says the current Anchorage, Alaska temp is  (4AM) 19 degrees, but the official “feels like” temp is 12 degrees.

Hope your day is full of warmth, no matter the outside temperature.  Carpe diem.

Moose on the Loose?

Alaskan Moose on the Loose?

Had just pulled away from taking a photo at the Anchorage International Airport, when traffic started to slow and then stop. Here’s what happened.

My reaction is actually kinda funny – typical of a person who lives in a land surrounded by sunshine, Disney and palm trees:

North, To Alaska?

North, to Alaska? Soon. But not today.

Today, we’ll enjoy the warm Central Florida sunshine and a high temperature of 86 degrees.

Yesterday, we visited the Walt Disney World Resort’s Magic Kingdom.

Today starts with Church, where my wife and I will lead Children’s Liturgy of the Word for our Church’s elementary school children.  Then I have a meeting with a writer.

Then south, back home.  Enjoy your day.  And keep an eye on the future.  It’s just around the corner, a little north of today.