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The time to do it is when you don’t need to

ATT Text message screen shot
Heading to Montreal tomorrow morning.


Flying to Montreal tomorrow morning to delver a Customer Service Keynote speech that features what i’ve learned from a lifetime at Disney.

Double checked with ATT yesterday about my mobile communication options. They sent me the text above in case i needed help in Canada. The call is free.

But once in Canada, calls become very expensive.

The time to plan for worst case scenario is when you don’t need to.

Of course, there’s free email, text, Facetime, and Skype if you can get a decent wifi signal.




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HQ sound bite yesterday

Midlife Celebration the book at Disneyland entrance
Happiest place on Earth is a positive outlook on life…


HQ sound bite yesterday:

Where did you find it?

Had to admit there was no memory of the source – the post was written 100 days ago.

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