My Challenge to You?

You’re an adult. You can do whatever you want. And maybe that’s your greatest opportunity. What? Maybe, because you can do whatever you want, you do. True leadership involves doing things we don’t want to do. Read, exercise, pray, work – a lot. Try reading all five of these blogs for 30 days. That’s my […]

jeff noel and Search Engines

jeff noel and Search Engines.  SEO. Search engine optimization.  Google. Yahoo, Bing. Safari. Firefox. Internet Explorer. Mozilla.  There are a ton of search engines out there. Mostly, I use Google.  Why?  Google is the most recognized, and Google dominates search engine traffic. Meeting with a fellow writer yesterday, he was using Yahoo. He told me […]

Childhood Diseases Stink

Childhood diseases stick.  Adult diseases stink.  And there are so many of both. What is a caring person to do?  We all know, “You can’t do it all”. So perhaps the best approach is simply to become an advocate and supporter of the disease that hits closest to home. Last night my son (9) and […]