Blog Whisperer Update

Electrifying news?

There are rumors The Blog Whisperer will stop writing 5 daily blogs, 7 days a week – beginning April Fool’s Day.

After 2 solid years, and a failed book writing deal, The Blog Whisperer is moving forward on his own, taking needed, dedicated time.

Most of this story is at jungle jeff. This is sort of like a reality-show-blog. Can’t wait to see it unfold, one day at a time…Real life in real time.

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Antagonist jeff noel For Hire

Hey, if you follow Mid Life Celebration’s 5 daily blogs, you know that this one, jeff noel dot com, is about HQ, headquarters – being organized. The paperwork of life.

The stuff that doesn’t fall neatly into the other 4 daily blogs that focus on (1) Mental, (2) Physical, (3) Spiritual , (4) Financial responsibility.

Our antagonist is our friend. A partner. Only our antagonist challenges our beliefs and forces us to truly decide on our convictions.

And jeff noel, professional antagonist is available for hire.

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