It’s one vacation after another

Minion's movie tickets
Yesterday’s premier showing of Minions.


Sanibel Island movie theater
Island Cinema on Sanibel Island.


Sanibel Island movie theater
Two small theaters each seating 60.


Sanibel Island movie theater
Waiting to be entertained.


Leaving Sanibel in an hour or so for Walt Disney World (home).

Cheryl leaves in less than 24 hours for a 14-day work trip at Disneyland.

Chapin and i leave in less than 48 hours for Glacier National Park for five days.

Organization helps makes this feel more exciting than overwhelming.

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Three small decisions create huge breathing room

Delta airfare purchase screen shot
Yesterday we decided on only one ticket versus three.


This Summer has many time conflicts and challenges. We discussed this and came to the same conclusion. We need to reprioritize things.

The August France trip: i’ll be going solo.

The July North Carolina trip: We’ll have to decline.

The July Disneyland trip: No go.

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Watching Apple’s WWDC 2015 is a 2.5 hour time commitment

Apple WWDC 2015 screen shot
Apple has paid $30 Billion to developers – so far 100 billion app downloads as of June 8, 2015


Apple WWDC 2015 screen shot
Simple reminder where to pick up the keynote recording today.


It has taken three tries to get to the two-hour mark in Apple’s WWDC 2015 keynote recording. Only 23 more minutes. Being organized means¬†having the patience, and commitment, to invest four time chunks to get it done.

Apple is changing the world. If you’re not following Apple, you may be missing a huge motivational opportunity.

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The subgoal is to be lean

Unique, humorous conference door sign.
This conference room door is supposed to be a joke, no doubt.


Americans are so hung up on weight. Yet it seems only a small percentage care to fight the daily battle.

But what about stuff? Material possessions? Like weight, our possessions pile up so slowly we never notice.

Purging files, tweaking the organization of other files, and generally trying to lighten up.

The simple goal in life is peace and contentment.

Peace with who we are. Content with what we have (and don’t have).

The tactic is “lean”.

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State of The Union Address 2015

State of The Union Address 2015
State of The Union Address 2015


Organize your gratitude into three themes:

  1. What you learned yesterday.
  2. What you get to do today.
  3. What you hope for tomorrow.

President Obama’s speech writers get this concept too.

It ain’t rocket surgery.

Just do it. And make it fun and sincere.

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