Carving Out A Life

Merry Christmas 2014 from Mid Life Celebration HQ

Mickey Mouse Shoes


(photo: Do you have big shoes to fill in 2015?)

Merry Christmas 2014 from Mid Life Celebration HQ.

If you can dream it, you can do it. – Walt Disney

Dreaming, and a lifetime of dedicated, focused, persistent work.

Merry Christmas from Walt Disney World.

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Completely Different?

The predictable going-through-the-motions-autopilot

Orlando Leadership Keynote Speakers


(photo: Karim Marucchi’s biggest client is MLC’s former employer, Disney. How cool is that?)

When you go to a conference, how do you organize your time?

See as many sessions as possible?

See as few sessions as possible?

The first choice is a weak, auto-pilot choice.

The second is a well thought out, remarkably intentional choice.

Being organized isn’t just for our stuff.

It’s also for the processes that allow us to make the most of every opportunity, including a two-day conference jam-packed with classroom sessions.

Only attended one.

The opening keynote. Randomly, it happened to be Karim. Wasn’t there to hear him or his message.

Was there to see what tone was going to be set for the 2014 WordPress Word Camp Orlando conference.

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Are You?

Five weeks vacation?

Born Ready sign


(photo: Born ready? Nope. But with decades of practice, maybe)

Five weeks vacation.

First day back.

This is gonna be so cool.

Organized enough to get on a plane in 24 hours?


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Blog Stuff

Busy as a beaver?

Morning view from Rising Sun Motor Inn cabin 5-A


Rising Sun Motor Inn Cabin 5-A sign


Morning view from Rising Sun Motor Inn cabin 5-A


(photo: Morning view from Rising Sun Motor Inn cabin 5-A)

Was hoping by now to have written some really insightful posts from the Glacier trip.




No one builds a reputation on what they’re gonna do.

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He's Just Lucky

When was the last time you took five weeks Summer vacation?

Glacier national Pard view looking east from Logan Pass


(photo: Abundant thinking time is like hitting the lottery)

Taking five weeks vacation this summer has been an amazing experience because it has allowed for abundant thinking time, uncluttered by the pressures of a busy schedule.

And it is allowing magic to flourish.

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