When our life changes, we will spend more time _____.


rural farm in Tennessee
I’ll spend more time traveling backroads with my wife and son


The main point: We wait for the time to be perfect. It never is.

When is the perfect time to ask a profoundly simple question like:

When our life changes, we will spend more time ________.

Our answer, most likely, is, “Later”.

(I’d write more. Wait, already doing that. I’d publish books.)

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  1. Exercise, write, volunteer at the farm, stained glass, hang with my kids. More of what I try to squeeze in on a daily basis. (Typed in while on a pre dawn ride on our bike trainer. )

  2. When our life changes, we should spend more time holding onto the things that matter the most. But oftentimes, society has taught us to instead run to anyone who will listen to hear how the change could possibly impact us.

    Interestingly, God says during these times to “Be still, and know I am God.”

  3. Bob, thanks for weighing in. Always hold on to what matters most. It’s great wisdom. And darn if adult responsibilities don’t raise their ugly head.

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