The pervasive curse of knowledge

Steve Jobs and Bob Iger
Imagine the customer service standards these guys expect. (AP Photo/Paul Sakuma)

Biking to lunch at the First Watch restaurant yesterday gave us a nice reason for a bike ride.

It was a sunny and warm March 2nd day with a noontime temperature near 80 degrees. A gentle breeze and blue sky complemented the central Florida winter weather. 

It was not our first time inside the restaurant, but it was the first time dining there.

The seating hostess was preoccupied with something and the check-in process became an apparent inconvenience for her. This allowed two parties who arrived after us to be seated before us. It seemed as though we weren’t on the waitlist. 

Ultimately, i addressed this in a direct (impatient) way. Our server was wonderful and we quickly forgot the inconvenience. 

As we were leaving, i refocused and apologized to Megan.

It felt good to let it go.

The curse of customer service knowledge i have from Disney trapped me in a subconscious “that was the antithesis of decent service”.

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