Ten left

Floating in a pool raft near Disney World
Our pool a few mornings ago. The epitome of retirement living?


We are all weird. What with our idiosyncrasies. Some of which we are proud of. Others we feel a slave to.

In 2008, at 49, with a 50th birthday more than half a year away, i envisioned a 10-year plan to commence on my 50th birthday: five more years at Disney (for a total of 30), and five years to put a dent in the Universe.

No male on my dad’s side has made it past 60.

This morning i caught myself feeling like i am taking for granted the 3.6 years remaining (until 60).

Important note: Jack Noel lived to be 67. Early onset, rapid-progression Alzheimer’s Disease stole his cognitive abilities by the time he was 60.

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  1. I’m especially sorry to hear about the last 7 years of your Dad’s life. My grandpa, who died when I was 12, also had Alzheimer’s Disease set in during the years when I would have been able to most bond with him.

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