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Your Worst Nightmare
Your Worst Nightmare

(Note: this is R rated for violence and graphic images. DO NOT let anyone without a driver’s permit watch this. And DEMAND that anyone who drives watch it)

Listen, there are horrific, gut-wrenching events that we always think will never happen to us. The holidays increase the chances.

Don’t let them.

This will be the most important video you watch all year.

It’s graphic. You need to watch it and if you don’t, I’m calling you a spineless fraud to your face.


Because it may be our child you didn’t mean to kill.

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(Note: this post was missing the video link when originally posted. It’s been fixed.)

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  1. David, the update was added after you read and replied. You read it just fine the first time. Was Cub Scout camping and took a “break” from social media.

  2. I still can’t see the entire video. But it’s not for technical reasons. My heart is not strong enough to watch it or work in an environment where I would be exposed to anything related with the scenes.

    You have succeeded in instilling a fear, the kind of fear where you want to stay at home and never get out on the road again. Period. Never.Done, Through, Finished, Kaput!

  3. David, without seeing your face and listening to your tone, just reading your typed words, it sounds as if the intent backfired.

    Attending a Holiday party tomorrow night.

    If there was a fear to be instilled, it is the fear of not having a designated driver.

    A college roommate, US Marshall, and Dad to a High School Senior sent the video to his best friends, requesting we all watch it.

    Have not been able to watch it a second time.

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