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I Feel Your Pain
I Feel Your Pain

We’ve been talking about careers, resumes, LinkedIn, standing out in a crowd, etc.

It’s brutal isn’t it?

Trying to stand out.

Trying to move forward.

Imagine trying to pitch a book that you think will help make the world a better place.

Book publishers have never heard that before, right?

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  1. “Oh great. Here comes another person trying to write a book about _________.”

    They need to see the passion within. Then they will understand.

    Don’t let a little thing like rejection get in the way of your dream.

  2. Dear Jeff,

    I have been there as well…and still trying to recover from yesterday’s post and the comments that followed. 🙂

    I have done the “correct things” that get a response of, “But you aren’t a purple cow.” Then I finally try to get the purple cow outfit on, go in, and hear, “That’s too out there for us.”

    With all of that, I guess I am saying that timing is everything…and not always MY timing, but God’s.

    Keep pressing on!


  3. lol
    David, exactly.
    And still, I don’t believe passion is enough.
    There’s more to it.
    Passion is a necessary ingredient, yet there’s something more.

  4. Ok, so my small, entrepreneurial business has an 80% (+ or -) likely hood of failing.

    There are 180,000 books written EACH year.

    There are 80 million blogs and growing.

    It may sound like I’m speaking to you (and that’s awesome if it does), but I’m really coaching myself.

    Everyday. Every way. No stopping. No choice of failure.

    Fall down seven times, get up eight…..

  5. Acting on the passion is a large part of it. Others have to see your passion to know it. Talking about it is one thing. But showing it to others is the big step. What are you doing to show others your passion?

    Writing about it in blogs, or Facebook, or Twitter may be nice but the probabilities of those areas getting your foot in the door with a new company/job/position are low. Not impossible, but the chances are low. The risk is also low. Making a jump with more risk might bring you closer to your goal.

    “To boldly go where no man has gone before.”

    (Most of this has been a speech to myself as I look in the mirror. Thanks for letting me vent a bit.) 🙂

  6. It starts with a dream and the passion to pursue it.

    Then setbacks come, so determination becomes more important.

    Then as you progress, critics start popping up, telling you (sometimes without words) you’re crazy.

    Through in tenacity, self-confidence, courage, creativity, faith, hope and finally, I believe, Love.

    Love conquers all.

    Hey, that’s just my humble opinion.

    Did you see the Jesse Owen’s quote at http://www.Lane8.org a few days ago?

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