I often wonder if a childless parent (say me) would sacrifice a limb to gain a child

adult male leg amputee
jeff noel’s leg in foreground, waiting for a haircut (an utterly random moment)


A person like this has two choices:

  1. Mourn the loss of a leg
  2. Rejoice the gift of a leg

This is a test we all want to pass, but none of us want to take.

I often wonder if a childless parent (say me) would sacrifice a limb to gain a child.

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  1. Jeff,
    I appreciate the depth of your thoughts. I look forward to reading your blog posts. I too, frequently pause and ponder about things that I see or hear or feel. I have a habit of waiting at the busy crosswalks in Washington DC for the cross walk to give the “you may walk now signal”. People steam past me with their thoughts miles away and ever in a hurry. I stop. On purpose. Because I am supposed to and because it allows me a few moments to just look for the extraordinary that I’d otherwise miss.

    And , I thought I’d let you know that I laughed out loud when I read the description below your leg photo (nov 30)
    Silly me. I thought you were waiting to get your hairy leg trimmed! Because I work with people with disabilities, the man at the counter was not what I first saw. I saw your furry leg and read….well….
    It made me laugh. And then I took your comment seriously. Ya, what would I give for something I really wanted? What kinda deal would i Offer to God?

    Keep writing Sir. Cheering you on. Planning to purchase and read your book. I have a story inside of me that I hope to write too.

    We met in Orlando when you presented at a conference for The Arc. I was the coordinator. Remember me?

  2. Laurie, yes, of course I remember. Thank you again for making it an awesome day.

    Love your experience at the busy crosswalks. A metaphor for life. Extra-ordinary completely engulfs us. God is good like that. The devil spends his time distracting us as a defense against love.

    Thanks for your writing encouragement. No worries there. I live with writer’s flood. Enjoy the first book. Be prepared for your mind to explode. 🙂

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