How long would you wait to become an overnight success?

overnight success
How long did it take for this day to arrive? Was it worth it?

In the past two years you can count on one hand how many times I’ve solicited comments. Just not my style (so far). But today is an exception…

How long would you wait to become an overnight success?

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  1. Jeff,

    Every day, I wake up and say to myself, “This could be the day!” Then I pray for God’s direction for the day and put my best foot forward.

    Without hope, incentive can be gone. God knows the desire of my heart, but he also knows the perfect time.


  2. Patty, exactly. Probably no other success matter as much as being a good parent (or Aunt/Uncle if you don’t have kids), or Christian (or Muslim, or Jew, etc).

  3. Public acclaim is not what it’s cracked up to be. Who wants all those paparazzi chasing you around all the time? 🙂 But if we define overnight success as mastering ourselves, overcoming obstacles daily and achieving those goals we’ve set for ourselves, then the jubilation we feel is quite worth the wait — no matter how long it takes.

    I’m working for that day when I hear Him say, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

  4. Natalie, wow. great stuff. Your goal is mine as well. Of the five (one is done and the others in progress) bucket list items before I die, hearing, “Well done my good and faithful servant” is the most important.

    Thanks for stopping by. I read you blog every time you post (email subscription). Just wish I could figure out how to comment without having to use my WP password. 🙂

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