How Are Your Kids?


Lauren, the mother, has five children.

We are going to see her and her children today.

It’s a decent drive, but one we look forward to.

We will be adopting one of her boys, later this Summer.

A Growing Boy
He Has Big Paws To Fill

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  1. Yeah, and if puppies came already fully trained, we’d have done this months ago.

    But guess who is the resident trainer?

    David, it’s very exciting because Chapin has never experienced a puppy. Carter was already full grown by the time Chapin was born.

  2. That is so awesome! Congrats! That puppy pic brings back great memories of Luther and Brandy’s children. Remember the little one that had pneumonia? You and Cheryl took it to the vet and we had to bottle feed it and keep it under a lamp until Brandy would take it back. She did take it back once it was all better.

  3. Hmmmm . . . . professional trainer?? I don’t know if Cheryl works outside the home. So, she might be . . . .

    I got nothing . . .

  4. David, looks like an attempt at “puppy humor” (whatever that means). Cheryl works even harder than me.

    I’m the animal trainer in the Family. It’s a ton of work – a labor of Love…

  5. And I am sure you wouldn’t have it any other way. Just reading your posts, your pictures, the anniversary reminders, Carter was a big part of you, too.

    I believe I speak for a lot of us in saying that we will enjoy watching this one grow and become a big part of your family.

  6. David, we been talking about how as a Family this will be a very special time in our lives. Chapin has never experienced a puppy. Carter was full grown when Chapin was born.

    Chapin and I just discussed tonight about how our routine is really going to change, just like it did when Chapin was born, only now, Chapin gets to be part of the change, and experience how it will add joy, responsibility, worry, and lots of unpredictable things.

    Thanks for your kinds words. Social media is an incredible way to try to do good and decent work. You are doing a very fine job at doing just that.

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