Happy Birthday

All Time Favorite
All Time Favorite

Can you remember the day and time you were born?

Can you recall the circumstances?

Most births are routine and uncomplicated.


But not all.

I remember vividly, shortly before 9:17AM, August 12, 2000, how I was feeling.

Don’t take the girl. (wait patiently for the 15-second commercial to end before it starts)

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  1. Okay. How do I explain red eyes and tears to my customers this morning? I need to get into the habit of reading your blogs or clicking your links before I leave the house in the morning or late at night.

    April 3, 2000 was a similar day for us. It started early, around 4 am. Made it to the hospital. But there was some distress. Thanks to God for his guidance and a great medical team, the emergency C-section took less than 10 minutes.

    Happy 10th Birthday, Chapin! Welcome to double digits!

  2. Happy Birthday Chapin!!!

    @Jeff – That was the song that first drew me to country music.

    @David – It’s uncanny how similar our life experiences are. Our son was born via emergency C-Section. Obviously something we don’t want to go through again. After 17 hours of labor, it was determined that he wasn’t coming out and other measures needed to be taken.

  3. Thanks guys for the birthday wishes.

    It wasn’t until the 6th time I heard it that I actually listened to the words. Was riding my bike (used to be a cyclist), listing to the radio on my walkman (remember those) and started crying.

    Then, August 12, 2000, well, I won’t go into it right now.

  4. April 3, 2000 is the day our son was born. The distress my wife was suffering from that caused the need for the c-section was our son. His head was too big and he got stuck in the birth canal. I told him it was for his huge brain because he was going to be super smart!

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