An unusual source for motivating desire to be personally organized

what we leave behind represents a window to our soul

An unusual source for motivating your desire to be personally organized.

Live your life each and every day with one eye on death.

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Insight: Be motivated to be prepared – so that your loved ones don’t have to clean up an awful mess you’ve left behind.

By jeff noel

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  1. Blogging today I suggested we keep our eye on the prize. Here you mention living each day eyeing death. I wonder if death is the prize? I guess it all depends on your perspective in life. Interesting.

  2. Patty the three most magnificent days in our lives are the day were, born, the day we die, and another day I talk about in the first book to be published, hopefully, before I die. 🙂

    Birth doesn’t surprise us, at a minimum, we have nine months.

    But some people dream of becoming parents (giving the gift of birth to a human being) for decades.

    What if we spent decades thinking about living so well that death would feel like a send off party, instead of a pity party?

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