Who writes five daily, differently-themed blogs? Who?

Work life balance… It’s critical, and often unpopular work. It’s mostly “underground”. Someday mainstream? Even taught to children in schools (assuming schools survive)?

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Who writes five daily, differently-themed blogs? Who?

The longer the Internet’s only five-a-day blogger writes, the crazier the whole thing seems.

A leader is someone who sees better things in the future and helps others see it and want to go there too.

Insight: Leaders are required to inspire critical, and often unpopular work.

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  1. Jeff,

    For me, I rely on the definition that I learned many years ago in college and still use today in the classes I teach. It is from Peter Northhouse in his book called “Leadership,” who said (paraphrased): “Leadership is a process by which an individual influences a group of other individuals toward a common goal.” I focus on the 3 aspects of that: 1) it’s a process – not a position title, 2) it involves influence – not coercion, and 3) it has a common goal – not hidden motives by the one deemed as the “leader.”

    Interestingly, I think what I said basically is the same thing you just stated, just in different words!

    Hope you have a great day!


  2. Bob, yes, the same thing, different words. Leadership, as the word implies, is about leading, about going somewhere. Hitler believed, and got others to believe, his vision of the future would be better than the current state.

    While many believed (coercion maybe), many did not. So much so that a huge war was fought.

    Underscoring great leadership, is a set of timeless, foundational values that move society positively forward.

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