Where Do You Organize The Paperwork Of Your Life?

Yes, it was scary moving the desk from it's 17-year resting place.

Does our personal life deserve an oak desk and a nice leather chair? Or maybe a private room with a door? And a window view? There are as many variations to organizing our paperwork as there are people. I’ve found the key is to keep experimenting and improving.

Insight: A huge improvement was moving our desk 10 feet across the floor. Now, instead of facing a wall, I look out the second floor window. This only took 17 years to discover.

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  1. Patty, the original plan placed a lazy-boy chair looking out the window and a desk facing the wall. In hindsight, we switched them. And as fate would have it, the chair, even though moved away from the window, still faces the window. Who knew it could be so simple?!

  2. This made me smile. We get so used to the way things have always been that we take them for granted. I usually love it when I re-arrange the furniture. Think I’ll move the bathtub today! JK

  3. My mom would always be rearranging the rooms in our home. It was a fun surprise to come home from school and see how different it was. She could even miraculously rearrange our 10 x 10′ bedrooms. Then we would self-arrange our Donny Osmond and Bobby Sherman and Michael Jackson posters from Tiger Beat magazine… Oooops, I may have gotten off-track here a little bit.

  4. Natalie, thanks for the trip don memory lane. Never saw Tiger Beat magazine, but always had the latest copy of Circus magazine (a Rock and Roll mag in the early 70’s). Had pictures and posters of iconic Rock stars on my walls too – Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, The Who, Stones, etc.

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