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Brooklyn, NY
It’s not Disney World, yet it’s very decently organized (Brooklyn, NY)




But wait, didn’t you say yesterday to Go?

Yes. Go.

And stop making excuses. We are deserving of a great, organized life.

This is our responsibility.

Not talking organizational perfection.

Just fundamentally… decently organized… and simplified.

Some of the most basic:

  • declutter –¬†purge unnecessary things, which is tricky because….
  • we must be honest about what’s (really) necessary
  • try to touch paper only once, try to avoid putting it down “for later”
  • create and organize digital files (for email and bookmarked websites)
  • minimize our temptation to say yes to everything

None of this is particularly easy.

We can never go wrong with slow and steady.

And sometimes, yes, we will need a bulldozer and a few days.

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