Some Day We’ll Look Back On The iPad 2 As Infantile (For Real)

Dude, someday we'll look back on the iPad 2 as infantile

If you are still enough to reflect on history and where technology is today with the state of the art, game-changing Apple products like iPad 2, then you might start to comprehend that this technology thing is really just a toddler.

It ought to scare and excite the living daylights out of us. We think it’s nuts now, just wait. Decided years ago I wasn’t going to wait any longer to get started. Wait too long and you’re toast. That scared me enough to get started, to….go.

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  1. I fully believe in taking advantage of the technology available to us. I don’t always have the funds necessary to get the latest and greatest gadget and I may not always be able to do it right away. But this is one train I don’t want to miss.

    With my personal journey fighting the cancer, I am constantly reminded and encouraged by the advancements in technology leading to earlier diagnosis and more successful treatments.

    And with companies like Apple finding more innovative ways to do things, we’re not finished learning or growing.

  2. David, once upon a time, the tractor revolutionized farming, as did certain pesticides. And the same thing happened when Dick Fosbury jumped over the high jump bar “backwards”.

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