On The Eve Of A Father’s Scary Promise

A whisper from God. I'm sure of it.

Today is the eve of the 3rd anniversary for a new father’s scary promise to leave a trail for his young Son. A 100-day challenge to write everyday, about life’s big choices.

Dear God, thank you for showing a narrow path.

Insight: There are no guarantees in life except taxes and death. Go!

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By jeff noel

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  1. Not that it needs to be done, have you ever thought how you would top this?

    I see this (reminding us every day) as you doing something great(er) each day! Please don’t stop!

  2. David, you probably think your brief note is just that, a small, seemingly insignificant comment. And since you said please, I’ll keep going.

    (thank you for your heartfelt encouragement) (even God, who doesn’t need it, appreciates a thankful heart)

  3. I am so full of wonder at your commitment to this project, Jeff. AWE for all the work you’ve invested in your writing. Thank you so much for setting such a great example of how we can make a difference in our worlds each day.

  4. Natalie, you’re welcome. Along life’s paths, I’ve picked a few flowers and pocketed a few gem stones. Have planted some flowers, and given away some gems.

    And then there are quotes, thoughts, metaphor, etc. Have picked a few and shared a bunch. Here’s one of my favorites.

    It matters little to walk to do the preaching, if not the walking is the preaching.

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