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To everyone who has ever dejectedly said to themselves, “Never in a million years”…

Totally get it.

It’s okay.

No really.

It is.

At some point, wouldn’t it be great to no longer believe it?

Boldness has genius.

Created a (writing) challenge that seemed impossible, and was a last ditch effort to silence the echo of, “Never in a million years”.

One hundred days was an insane goal.

Could a person be organized enough to make it happen?

No way it would ever work.

But what if i could just focus doing it one day at a time?

Just worry about today.


And tomorrow, do it again.

And then a miracle happened, one day at a time grew and grew.

It grew from unexpectedly reaching 100 days to…. 2,190… and counting…

Today is the final day of the sixth consecutive year of daily blogging.

Five differently themed blog posts.

365 x 6 years = 2,190

Just  a thought, no, a wish really – for you…

Please consider rethinking how you want to destroy, “Not in a million years”.

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