Guess what this Summer’s question is?

Magic Kingdom paper cutting artist
What is he cutting?


June 8, 1959. Day he was born.

Forty years later in 1999 he finally figured out why.

He turns 55 in two days.

How cool is that?

For 15 years transformation has been occurring at such a slow and steady pace, imperceptibly.

Last Summer he asked everyone if the Summer of 2013 would be our best ever.

Guess what this Summer’s question is?

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  1. Jeff,

    Knowing you and how you seek for each experience to be uniquely special, my guess is that your Summer’s question this year will be, “Is Summer 2014 going to be the best one ever?” Living in the moment with no regrets as to if last summer was better…but moving forward and making this one uniquely special!

    I hope you have a Happy 55th Birthday as well…2 days and counting!


  2. Bob, there are less Summers ahead then there are behind. To squander a Summer (or any season) at this point in life seems criminal. 🙂

    You’re about a month away from a special trip aren’t you? 🙂

  3. You are right on!

    Yes, about a month away, and it is coming faster. The boys are getting prepared!


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