Six reasons 2012 was a great Summer…

building a pool

Six reasons 2012 was the best Summer…

  1. Jumped into our first, very own in-ground pool
  2. Best business trip ever… six days in Washington DC
  3. Amazingly transformational Scouting summer camp
  4. Walked around ground zero
  5. Went to National championships healthy and had fun
  6. Landed Mid Life Celebration’s first contract

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  1. Love this list. Your pride is evident. I missed the MidLife contract though, did you blog about it? If so, give me the link, want to know more. Happy November 1st.

  2. Donna, the contract is very low key. It will remain private for the time being. Humble beginnings. Always trying to remain humble. Seriously.

  3. Natalie, there is something about “self-fulfilling prophesy” in there.

    And Lori Campbell’s book, Awaken Your AgePotential, highlights the strength of a plan and conviction as an antidote to surviving – to enable thriving.

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