PS. Have you ever been a late bloomer on some of life’s luxuries?

pool party
this past weekend, an indoor gathering, next time a pool party

Yesterday’s PS asked, “Have you ever been a late bloomer on some of life’s luxuries?”

Well? Have you? I’d like some validation that guilt need not be part of my swimming pool experience.

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  1. Happens all the time. My two best friends decided to “down size” their homes recently and they both bought bigger home than they already had. For me, if I ever get a home in Florida I will be a “real late bloomer”.

  2. Jeff,

    That has pretty much been my whole life. And you know what I think it does, at least for me and for waht I am trying to teach my boys? At the end of the day, is there a greater appreciation for the luxury? I have never been the one (or been able to) to go out and buy the newest, the most expensive, the latest technology, etc. So if it does come, I have had to sacrifice something for it, and it holds more personal value to me.


  3. Bob, you are in a great position to relish the “luxuries” of life… which you already have in abundance. We all do. Thanks, as always, for being part of the community.

  4. A late bloomer luxury for me has been to go out to eat lunch or dinner. When the kiddos were small, it was very difficult to go out to eat and not much fun either. Now that they are older, eating out with them or without them is really special and a luxury.

  5. Natalie, you hit on a great insight. The simple things. Like a meal out. The things certain people (me) can take for granted. Glad you have a keen appreciation for it.

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