Ok, so yeah, I’m leaving for Paris in a few days

disneyland paris resort
probably take a train to Disneyland Paris Resort

Ok, so yeah, I’m leaving for Paris in a few days. Passed through the airport in 2009, but rushed to catch a Finnair flight to Helsinki. This time, Paris is the final destination. Will stay at the Disneyland Paris Resort for a few days to do work that matters. There’s a point to this….

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  1. So awesome! I know you will enjoy every minute and bring back lots of pictures to share. When I was in Germany I felt so close, yet so far away. Maybe someday for me……

  2. David, yes. Having the habit of five a day led to more… and I couldn’t stop after only five daily posts… a few days here and there, and even some weekends, where the writing flowed like a river. Before long, in the short span of about a year (it’s way more work than ever imagined), it accumulated to 90 days…

    So September 24 will be about yesterday’s events in DC. 🙂

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