No seriously, do you have any suggestions for a blog theme

monthly blog themes
the sky’s (or the ceiling’s) the limit. weird is ok too.

No seriously, do you have any suggestions for August’s blog posts theme? I think it would be cool to hear any ideas for a monthly theme during the long hot days of August. It could be for any of the five blogs:

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  1. Well,what about picking your favorite pictures you have taken over the years and telling use why it means so much to you, why it moved you, where you were at the time or how the moment changed your life if it did. Something like that. Only 31 pictures out of tens of thousands, that’s not too hard is it? Or maybe your most spiritual pictures, the most peaceful, etc. We love your pictures!!

    Or reflect back to your childhood for a month, your son might find that interesting too.

  2. Donna, incredible suggestions. Good morning. Thank you very much for being part of Mi Life Celebration. Greetings from summer Scout camp. These days are making for some great content (and learning).

  3. Patty, you’ve suggested two of the most important things we can teach children. Wow. Simple. Yet far from easy. Thank you, too, for being an integral part of Mid Life Celebration.

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