If your life is spinning faster than you’d like…

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much of another's life is just an illusion

If your life is spinning faster than you’d like…we have something in common. Fact is, most of us are taking on more than we can handle. Are ya feeling it right now? Did you feel it yesterday, or last week?

I answered yes to all three questions. Anyone else?

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  1. Yes to two of the questions, but not right now. For we are tent camping on an island. Our life is very simple for the next three days. We are blessed with simplicity.

  2. Patty, the older I get, the more I watch nature, the more I think, the easier it is to believe simplicity is how our lives should be run.

  3. I’m with you on this one but we must love/enjoy it or we would make different choices in our life.

  4. Jeff,

    I am with you – all three were “yes” for me. There is definitely something to the concept of simplification. The problem, I think (among others, I am sure) is that society has conditioned us to think we aren’t moving forward unless we are moving fast, hard, and possibly out of control. But it is like swimming – the easiest person to be saved when possibly drowning is the one who isn’t fighting hard. The ones who are fighting hard think they are improving the situation, but instead, they are exhausting themselves in the fight and will wear out. And fatigue is usually the bigger reason someone drowns.


  5. Donna, glad you agree to disagree. In that spirit, I’ll offer that in my line of work I witness an overwhelming number of people who are stuck doing what doesn’t bring them joy. And are unable, or unwilling, to “fix it”, for a variety of reasons.

    They may love what they do, yet dislike the leadership, the politics, the logistics, the repetition, the hours, and on and on…

  6. Bob, great analogy. Was in the pool yesterday wrestling and playing with two 11-year olds. Life guards are taught to go deep underwater if the victim grabs them. Why? The victim doesn’t want to be underwater and will let go in order to try to get to the top.

    The life guard doesn’t fight the victim, they simply use a great understanding of their surroundings and comprehension of predictable behaviors.

    All that said…with one goal… to save a life.

    Thank for contributing to our discussion. Have an awesome Friday!

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