How ready are you for the great Summer of 2012 to end?

best birthday gifts
will probably be finished by my 53rd birthday, June 8 (how cool is that?!)

How ready are you for the great Summer of 2012 to end? Hope this Summer has been the best one you’ve ever had. Cheryl just asked if I’m still writing 90 days ahead, after saying I wanted to write a few days ahead because of the teaching schedule this week.

So yes, and sometimes, 93 to 97 days ahead, depending on travel. Told her it took a year to get 90 days ahead and I’m not about to let it wash away. And the cool thing, Summer isn’t over, it’s just about to start!

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  1. Craig, I’d even go as far as saying we can’t strive for it – striving gives us a way out.
    Rather, I am doing it… slowly, steadily. Everyday. making progress.
    Striving, to me, cracks the door to excuses for putting it off “for later”.
    Just saying.

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