Favorite Summertime music genre?

great music
feel free to go back in time as far as you'd like...say 1927

Favorite Summertime music genre? This just popped out of nowhere. Have written five posts and writing a few extras….and listening to iTunes..Steely Dan’s 1973 album… Countdown To Ecstasy and the track Show Biz Kids just came on…and took me back…way back….

Give us a year and what you were groovin’ to.

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  1. Wow, now that i think about it, I’v never really had one that stuck.
    Around the late 90s, it was pop/r&b (i.e. The Fugees)

    Anything from the past 5 years, really, has been WDW background music. No really! 🙂

  2. Craig, you have a very focused favorite. And one that also provides a huge variety. Eclectic to say the least. This is good. 🙂

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