Favorite place to go swimming in the Summer?

swimming holes
some will have memories of places like this...

Favorite place to go swimming in the Summer?

  • From your childhood?
  • From your current lifestyle?

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  1. From my childhood: The freezing mountain water in the river that runs through Dolly Copp campground in the White Mountains of NH.

    As an adult: The gift of a dear friend’s open invite to use her pool anytime. Temperatures hovering at 99 this week. Her kindness is a blessing.

  2. Patty, what a great contrast in the beautiful memories life bestows us. A northern pool, from my memory, is very rare. The open invite from the owner, even more rare.

  3. As a child: My aunts above ground round pool. My cousins and I would “run” in circles around the outer edge until we got a current flowing and then we would kick up our legs and float with the current in circles around the edge.

    As an adult: On Lake Louise which is where I live. Not because I love lake swimming so much but because of the 30+ years of family memories of our kids and now our grandkids enjoying themselves on the lake.

  4. GREAT childhood memories of swimming in the Crow Wing River at Grandma’s house and also Balm Lake at my other Grandma’s house! Northern Minnesota had lots of options for swimming… I’m thinking I should just pack the kids in the car and head to Lake Michigan before the summer is over, right?

  5. Donna, we did the same thing with the circles in our neighbor’s above-ground pool (when we were occasionally invited).

    And now, you are blessed to have permanent lake access. And for very cool reasons.

  6. Natalie, wow, how cool to have two Grandmother’s lake memories. Awesome (jealous).
    And yes, the summer clock is ticking….

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