Did I mention we’re getting a pool?

artesian Pools
May 4, 2012... the pool is coming along nicely

Did I mention we’re getting a pool? Of course, but the photos and focus has been sporadic. On purpose. In a weird sort of way, it feels awkward. A swimming pool is such a luxury.

There are so many other things that money (and effort) could go towards.

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  1. A very nice luxury that you can share with others to spread happiness and joy. How do I know? We have a very dear friend who shares her pool with us. We are very grateful for her kindness and friendship.

  2. Being able to host family and friends in the most magic place in the world, via our DVC points, is surreal to me. But seeing the smiles on their faces and watching them enjoy themselves, spreads a warmth that money can’t buy.

  3. Patty, right there with you. Heading in early (now) to be able to walk around Epcot a bit before anyone gets there. I will pray, think, walk, “rehearse”, and simply breathe.

    And try to be grateful without feeling arrogant.

  4. Jeff,enjoyed friendship at ustf. Also, enjoying the blog. It has a feel of Walter Russell. I think you would run faster if you weren`t smiling so much.

  5. Pat, my new friend, so nice to see you here. Walter Russell? Never heard of the guy. So I Googled him. Interesting. Weird. Intriguing. How the heck did you come to know of him? He died when you were like seven years old (1963).

    And lastly, for now, smiling is as smiling does. I’ll bet you are an amazing Dentist.

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