Self-Indulgent Drive Home?



Saturday my son and I ran errands and spent the day doing stuff.  I constantly remind him that were we live is a special place.  Some people only get to visit once or twice in a lifetime. We drove through it on our way home.

By jeff noel

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  1. Sorry. The truth is, it’s our town. It’s where we live. Where we are raising our Family. It’s how we pay the rent and buy groceries.

  2. 22.5 days away from a return trip. Family time then annual work convention. Hope to say see you and say hi if you are around.

    “Welcome home.”

  3. Craig, almost own it. Just blogging about it is good therapy. Have spent a lifetime creating “a wonderful life”.
    David, hope we can get together. June 10?

  4. We are driving down on the morning of the 10th. Staying at POFQ and should check in by early afternoon. Might even visit casting while there. I know you’ll be busy. I’ll be leaving the morning of the 17th.

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