Liver Cancer?

Canine Liver cancer?

We pray it isn’t, but everything points to that or worse.

Our Canine son, Carter, an 11-year old yellow Lab, is trying to stay strong.

And so are we.

The hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life was taking our first Lab, Luther, to the Vet to lay him to rest.  Luther was 12 and we had no children. It was gut-wrenching. Luther was our child.

Carter is too.  Please pray for us, if I may humbly ask for your assistance.

By jeff noel

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  1. Jeff,
    So sorry to hear about Carter. I’ve had to say goodbye to three kitties in my life time and none was easy. Panther was 18…I grew up with that cat who saw me through many difficult times. The next two were Mother and Daughter-Jibbers (17) and Pepper (16) and I know have Alice I trust she’ll have a nice long life. Our furry friends are like family and those who have never had a pet in their lives don’t understand the connection. My thought and prayers are with you and your family.
    Kathy B. and Alice

  2. Kathy, thank you for your kind words and unspoken prayers.
    One of my High School classmates sent a private message this morning.
    Amongst other things Pet-related, he said his pregnant, 35-year old niece lost her twin Boys (22 weeks along) yesterday.
    We try to put everything in perspective.
    And yet, there is something so strong about the Pet-Human bond that not everyone can understand.
    I’m very glad you are one who does.
    Peace and Blessings to you and Alice. 🙂

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