World class customer service at every encounter

world class customer service
Disney consistently delivers world class customer service


world class customer service
Apple consistently delivers world class customer service


World class customer service at every encounter? is it possible? Name the organizations you’ve interacted with over the years who do this. Can you count them on one hand?

  • Disney
  • Apple
  • Go Daddy

Apple and Disney make most lists. But Go Daddy? Am absolutely stunned at their consistently exceptional customer service. Two days ago was no exception…

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  1. Jeff,

    Some people assume it will be there for certain companies – what a great expectation. Others, though, get remembered more so when reality falls much shorter than that expectation. And the latter type is oftentimes what gets remembered more. That’s what I remind people in my office – providing top-notch service sometimes goes unappreciated or unnoticed, but mediocre service get noticed evey time!


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