Prolific organization

marble bench in garden courtyard
This was my office view yesterday.

Prolific organization…

What’s the benefit to prioritizing your priorities?

Eliminating decision fatigue.

Living in a balanced way – you’ve set the highest bar for mind, body, spirit, work, and home. There’s no weak spot, no leak in your boat.

How does one get to this place?

Pay attention to the few who are living it. Study. Apply. Launch, learn, revise, repeat.

The road to excellence has no finish line.

Be well and remain amazed.


So there, in conclusion, is what writing in the moment looks, sounds, and feels like. It was one continuous train of thought, written spontaneously, authentically, without fear, without conformity, without expectation.

i do not know why i write, i only know that i must write and i cannot help myself.

Note: the number of “i’s” in the previous sentence is roughly the number of “i’s” written in a year. ☺️ 😯 😳

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