Organized like Disney

The remodeling crew claims this isn’t their ladder so they left it. Because it’s an extra, it stays here for easy access from first floor roof to second floor roof. Organized like Disney. The ladder doesn’t set in the up position until used.

Organized like Disney.

Learned yesterday that i take for granted easily climbing out a window onto one roof and then climbing to the top of a second roof. Don’t know of any other 60-year olds with this habit. There will come a time when you look back and wish you could still do something that used to be easy.

Be organized enough to allow for fun, childish behaviors to flourish.

Without a robust sense of agility and balance, plus a calendar with margin baked in, doesn’t matter if you have a ladder.

But if you have those things covered and all you need is a ladder, be organized for daily opportunity.

Without the extra ladder positioned as it is in the photo, there’d be no new roof self-reflection habit.

What did you learn yesterday that you didn’t know the previous day?

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