Of course this Summer is gonna be epic

Glacier National Park
Glacier National Park, last Summer (2017).


Of course this Summer is gonna be epic.

How could it not be?

Plus, it’s by design and completely intentional.


The reality is none of us know our end date.

And this got me to wondering, back in 2009…

What if we created a realistic date (based on our current age) as a deadline for doing stuff we might later regret not doing?

Would it work?

And what does, “Would it work mean?”

Fast forward from 2009…

i created a 10-year plan to accomplish everything i wanted (at the time) to do.

A simple list.

About five or six years into it, i added “Spend a Summer hiking in Glacier National Park.”

Yesterday, this article about Glacier Cabins possibly becoming available for lease.



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