Home stress, free at last

wardrobe bin
October 31, 2014…as a Full-time Salaried Cast Member, last task i did “On Property” was turn in the Jungle Cruise hat to Magic Kingdom Wardrobe. My boss, Wayne Gagne, signed it out for me and i can’t recall why.

Home stress, free at last.

The paperwork of life causes a boatload of stress on adults.

Agree? Disagree?

Look around at your immediate family, your closest friends, and most trusted work colleagues.


Issues a mile long?

Probably nirvana, right?

Ok, that was sarcasm.

Prioritize your priorities and watch what happens.

Pro tip: prioritizing your priorities and then living them out daily, for decades – this may take decades.

Stay the course.

Launch, learn, revise.


You can rest from this after you die (as far as anyone can tell).

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