Crown of the Continent

Reynolds Mountain views
Djuan is my neighbor. Michael is his (and now my) Australian friend.
Sanibel sunset
Is this a sunrise or a sunset? My Dad never visited Sanibel Island either. He would have enjoyed it. April 10 is the day he died.

Crown of the Continent or Sanibel Island?

Right now it’s a no-brainer. Given the choice to do only one, Glacier easily wins.


This Summer’s Sanibel Island trip will be our 31 year. Our Glacier trip will be year 11 or 12. It will be our Son’s seventh. He’s been to Sanibel 19 years.

By the time this post is published, i could be biking and hiking through the Crown of the Continent.

i will also just have returned from a keynote speech in Madrid.

Guessing by June 10 the official release of If Disney Ran Your Life podcast will have launched.

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