Pretend you’re new – reprise

jet fighter
Ukraine is not new. War is not new. Where do we go from here?

Pretend you’re new – reprise:

Your 40-year old neighborhood is moving into it’s next phase.

This phase represents what happens when you (meaning your town, city, State) become famous. Everyone wants a piece of the special goodness you discovered decades before the masses.

Our Publix grocery store is reputed to be the busiest in Florida.

Every cashier i ask estimates no less than half the grocery shoppers are tourists.

There are thousands of homes in every style and category within a five-mile radius.

It’s like living across the street from Disneyland’s property. If you’ve ever stayed in the Disneyland Hotel with a high room and a balcony facing West, you see the adjacent residential neighborhoods. Can you imagine?



Because we live less than one mile from Walt Disney World.

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