Perhaps the most misunderstood business question

Disney Keynote Speakers
Chess takes too long to play, right?


Disney Institute speakers
The time it took to set up this photo would likely never happen during a “normal” work day.


Perhaps the most misunderstood business question:

Are you satisfied?


Every time i ask business professionals, “Are you satisfied?”, the answer is identical (and predictable), “No!”

In the classroom, this immediately becomes a motivating challenge for all participants to theorize how to accelerate their personal and organizational improvement.

And while this is an exciting experience, it generally wears off within 72 hours from the classroom activity.


We (business professionals) have too much on our plate. We (generally, and mostly) live with an urgent mentality.

The proverbial fire-fighters that we are, we have precious little time to do things that don’t have an immediate result – like extinguishing a fire.

And so it goes.

PS. It’s your move.


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