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A 2022 copy and paste message from Donna in Indiana. Donna has read every blog post since April 1, 2009. This is a rare opportunity to capture what prolific reading looks like. Donna is a huge Disney fan and a successful small (Family) business owner.

Good morning Jeff,  

Every so often your posts spark something.  Sometimes it feels like the hints are specifically for your readers like me.  Today was one of them.  So apologizes up front if I have writers flood on this email.  

(Then) when you talked about something big coming on the lane8 post, I dropped my hopes for the 7 business books and thought maybe you were planning another huge running goal……could that be it?  Maybe?  A forever dream?  

Then “don’t sacrifice the gift”.  So I thought was that about the running gift or the teaching gift?  Hum…none of my business but intriguing.  

When the disciple is trained well, the disciple becomes like the teacher.  So was this about running or teaching?  Hint or no hint?

So I think at some point I have told you that I started reading your posts because I was thirsty for Disney insights having just come back from DI 5 day.  Not sure how I found you but reading daily has been a nice peaceful thing to do to start my day.  Realized today that when the posts stop maybe I’ll start over from the beginning and that will take in into my 80’s. I’ll already know the ending but it will be like reading a book for the second time.

With or without Disney nuggets, it has been an interesting novel which has took more than ten years to read.  Haha. I never knew ANYTHING about GNP and that has been a nice virtual vacation.  I learned about the world of podcasting too.  That was fun but realized it is not anything I need to do for my business, but that was a fun ride as well.  Your posts have been a pleasant window to the world, as they say….I’ve never been to GNP, Sanibel, Kuwait, Finland, etc.  

Then your JB Adam’s post….wow. So jeff is/was considering writing those book after all but hit a brick wall.  First thought was both these gentlemen know the value of their knowledge and. both prove themselves accordingly.  Must have been something they both learned at Disney.  Sounds about right.  So was this brick wall put their as a challenge to rise?  Since you shook hands and never spoke of it again I have to assume partnering with JB didn’t happen.  
Heard a quote yesterday that seems fitting.  “You don’t need motivation as much as you need dedication.”  I thought about this and thought ya, I guess I don’t need 1000 ways to stay motivated if I am dedicated.  
But at the end of this story, I think some books are coming, I’m hopeful.  I’m loving my life at 70 with Doug (my sweetheart), my girls and my grandkids and my friends.  Life is good and I look forward to 7 new books to read.  Hahahah. 
.hpm as you say.   Hope all is well in the Noel household,  Happy Holidays. 

•  •  •  •  •

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