More than meets the Podcast eye

No season listed. No episode numbers.
Closeup for easier reading.
Better, but still no episode number.

More than meets the Podcast eye.

Launched yesterday at 1:00 AM with three episodes, while removing the two existing episodes (#22 and Fantasyland placeholder).

Some things that happened differently than expected:

  • “Season 3” is not listed
  • Episodes are not numbered
  • It took nearly 8 hours for me to see the new podcasts on my devices

This caused concern because:

  • There’s an important backstory that official Season starts at Season 3 (Seasons 1 & 2 will resurface later, as Seasons 1 & 2)
  • Episode numbers are critical because each episode contains instructions that build

Based on new knowledge, what we did after the fact:

  • Removed Season 3 episodes 2 & 3 so only the Kuwait episode 1 could be listened to (a Disney principle of guiding the Guest experience)
  • Brainstormed backup plan if Apple podcast platform doesn’t list Season or episode, using show notes differently than normal.

Learned that clear expectations, subject matter experts, and clients need to be excellently synched or everyone can feel way less than awesome.

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