CEO of You, Inc

CEO of You, Inc

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By jeff noel

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  1. I was just discussing this with a good friend of mine who is a missionary with New Tribes Mission in Sanford, FL just yesterday. The mission is reorganizing to take advantage of its missionaries’ life purposes to greater engage them to do God’s work in the field better. I think it’s a fuller understanding of Paul was writing about in I Corinthians 12. Even for missionaries, purpose and mastery are huge driving factors for success and engagement!

    BTW, had an awesome time at the Magic Kingdom Saturday. It was truly magical for my girls (and for dad, too)!

  2. Andy, so glad you had an awesome time at Disney’s Magic Kingdom Theme Park. 🙂

    Second, always great to see your smiling face here.

    Finally, the second most magnificent day in our lives is the day we figure out why we are here.

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