Personal, home recession?

Jake Revolution Prep founder
Underneath his desire to help and inspire the parents and students is his desire (need) to sell. He has many mouths to feed as the CEO of a growing company.


growth mindset
Paraphrased, and one of a handful of things i wrote down – so i won’t forget. He had three other employees with him. He has to pay for their time and travel expenses, not to mention a bunch of other things – the risks and rewards of starting and growing a business.


Personal, home recession?

This is when you reflect back on your past year and you realize (and have really known all along) you haven’t grown organizationally as a person.

Bonus: i’m in the process of reducing, reusing, or recycling many of the slides i used in the cultural transformation sessions on Monday and Tuesday. Why? The slides insidiously drive what i’m going to say and when i say it. We got behind as a team and it was difficult for me to cut talking points on the fly. Fewer slides will make it easier if it ever happens again.

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