How much can we do without in 2013?

can't do without an apple a day
can’t do without an apple a day

How much can we do without in 2013? Doubtful I can live without an Apple a day.

Much of our life and the way we organize it is being reinvented. We’ll get in on the ground floor, if we’re smart. And we are, right?

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  1. Nope. Easiest explanation I guess would be once you have invested in the business software that won’t run on a mac, you just stay put. What would you say I have missed by not owning a mac?

  2. Jeff,
    you just answered one of my questions. I just bought the latest Ipad and wondered why I don’t see an anti-virus on it. Was concerned 🙂

  3. Donna, some that I find valuable:
    WordPress, Kindle, My Disney Experience (iPhone probably is a better place for it), the social media apps (FB, LI, Twitter).

    Unless I’m writing or reading, I don’t have time or energy for other apps.

    Soundhound (a song recognition app) is fun, and handy when you’re trying to recall who sings it.

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