How do we slay inertia?

Van at Yellow Dog Eats
You can eat in this van.


van at yellow dog eats
View from parking lot.


van at yellow dog eats
View from the rear.


van at yellow dog eats
View from the front. Quirky place – kinda like quirky adults who live in child-adult world. Could be a sign or symptom of mental illness or some other unhealthy manifestation.


How do we slay inertia?

i believe it’s not possible until a bonafide adult-to-adult mindset is established and maintained.

Any adult who places themselves in the child position (waiting for permission and don’t make a mistake) is not going to have an open,  receptive, and growth mindset.

And any adult who is in the growth mindset (adult-adult) who doesn’t insist on adult to adult conduct is perpetuating an unhealthy, codependent, and insidiously toxic relationship.


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